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Tom Parsons
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
Paula has helped me successfully manage issues including a disc bulge, fascial tightness and painful trigger points throughout my athletics career. Her knowledge, dedication, and application of creative and advanced therapy ensures I am always in good hands, whether on the treatment table, or as a point of contact when any issues arise. Her maternal instincts and personable approach are a welcome addition to her excellent skill set.
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Joice Maduaka
Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
Paula is an amazing Soft Tissue Therapist. I always know I am in good, honest, trustworthy hands whenever I am treated by Paula. She has an amazing talent for making you feel at ease. Paula has that rare talent of gaining your trust which I think is extremely important in Soft Tissue Therapy. She is confident, experienced and truly cares about her clients well being. As a Double Olympian in Track and Field Paula has been a vital component as friend, confidant and therapist. Its an honour for me to know her and work with her to aspire to my dreams.
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Hannah England
World Silver Medallist (1500m)
Soft tissue therapy is an integral part of my training routine, it allows me to push my body to it's physical limits while keeping injury at bay. Since working with Paula she has ironed out what were previously reoccurring injury issues and nipped numerous niggles in the bud, allowing me to consistently train harder. Paula is a naturally gifted therapist, with a great skill set complemented by wonderful enthusiasm and positivity.
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David Green
European Champion 2010 - 400H
In order to perform to the best of my ability round after round during a championships, the use of sports soft tissue therapy is essential. I am an athlete that knows what my body requires, Paula listens intently to my concerns and preferences, which always leads to great results. Its fantastic having someone to work with that has a friendly yet professional approach to a job they clearly love.
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Phillips Idowu
World and European Champion. Olympic Silver medalist TJ
For me personally as an elite athlete, I find seeing my soft tissue therapist more beneficial for my training and preparation for competitions than I do seeing a physio. Id rather see my soft tissue therapist two maybe three times a week to help me get through the year, through the winter, where a physio I would see for injuries and rehab. It is a massive deal to me know that I can get treatment from my therapist two days before I compete and I will be in the best possible shape. You work with someone all year round, they know whats right and wrong with your body and Paula as a therapist for me, she can tell when my body responds to the work we do. So, its a massive advantage.
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Nathan Douglas
I have been working with Paula since 2004 and she has become an integral part of my support team. Paula's knowledge is second to none and she is always keeping up to date with the cutting edge techniques, but where Paula's natural talent lies is her intuitive touch and feel, she constantly amazes me with getting to different areas within my muscles that others have not found and cannot reach. It is important for a top athlete to have a dedicated and professional support team with world class skills around them that they can trust, I believe that between myself and Paula we have a great insight into how my body specifically works and what works best for it, I am pleased to count Paula as part of my team.
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Greg Rutherford
(Olympic Gold Medalist - LJ)
Thanks so much you are awesome as always!
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Jenny Meadows
Magic hands.
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Nicola Sanders
Thanks for making me walk on air
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Ashia Hansen
Best soft tissue therapist in the world.
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Marilyn Okoro
Olympian 800m and 4x400m
Soft tissue therapy is an integral park of my weekly therapy plan and I am fortunate I get to work with Paula at crucial times in my calendar, such as the major championships and warm weather camps. Soft tissue with Paula is more than just a massage and I always feel confident that when I leave the bed, I will feel happy, satisfied and mobile (again!!) post and pre training! Her ability to recognize the source of my discomfort means my body responds quickly and the results of treatment last longer between sessions, which is ideal for a middle distance athlete with multiple running sessions a day! Its always nice to be able to relax completely whilst being treated and Paula's friendly, warm and professional personality is such a bonus!
Thank you Paula!x

General public testimonials

Amanda Stott
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
Paula was a professional in every sense of the word. Outstanding knowledge of her field, passion to do the best job possible and great company whilst diagnosing and then applying her whole self to the business of getting me back to running action. I can unreservedly recommend Paula, her work with the best athletes Britain has to offer has to put her amongst the best that anyone can get their hands on and in return Paula most certainly provides a gold medal service.
Martine Lee
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Paula is extremely professional and completely dedicated to her clients to ensure that they get the best treatment and results necessary to aid their recovery and well-being. She can communicate at all levels and takes time to fully understand individual requirements, enabling her to focus her expertise in a well structured, planned manner to any given problem. I have the greatest respect for her knowledge and skills which I can say from personal experience, have greatly assisted me in managing pain and injury.
Jill Wilson FIRP
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
I have had the pleasure of dealing with Paula for both injury and non injury treatment to enable me not only to recover from an unfortunate injury but to improve and excel in my own personal fitness and equestrian sports interests. Paulas key practical experience has been with elite sports people and whilst I am not at that level physically, my own personal goals and aspirations are no less important to me, or to Paula, I hasten to add. I feel that my needs have been met with exactly the same uncompromising standards , with passion, drive enthusiasm and a genuine interest to make a difference. Paula continues to build on her vast experience through her masters studies as well as imparting her knowledge to the many key groups she is associated with. She is a true professional!!
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Tor Davies
Physio-turned publisher, sportEX.net
Paula is always thorough, extremely well informed and delivers exactly what she says she will, when she says she will (which in my experience is getting to be a rare quality!). She acts as an editorial advisor to our journals and also contributes articles to them. She is eloquent and knowledgeable and I would have no reservation in recommending her.

Therapists testimonials

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Rone Thompson
physiotherapist to Paula Radcliffe
I have worked with Paula for the last 10 years in an elite sporting environment. During this time Paula has proved to be a hard worker and a great member of the team. She demonstrated excellent manual skills, research based therapy and has a thorough understanding of the musculoskeletal demands on the body. She has a huge amount of empathy and works in an upmost caring way not only towards her patients, but also with her colleagues.
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Alison Rose
physiotherapist to Jessica Ennis
Paula is an expert in her field. She is knowledgeable and continues to learn and develop her skills, through teaching, attending courses and discussion with and working with other health professionals. Paula has great palpation skills and is able to combine her depth of clinical experience, with clinical reasoning, and the knowledge of the requirements of the sports, how the body moves and the effect of that on injury and healing. Paula is a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.
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Derry Suter
Soft tissue therapist, UK Athletics
VERY FEW SOFT TISSUE THERAPIST REACH THE STANDARDS , But paula brings her professionalship to another level. having worked with paula on different championships / world and european events :she delivers a world class service : paula will and does "goes that extra mile" she can fit in to any sports medical team.
Cris Kellett
National Lead Physiotherapist - Judo, English Institute of Sport
I worked with Paula at UK Athletics whilst we were at the English Institute of Sport. Besides being an excellent soft-tissue therapist, whose contribution to the management of athletes was always valuable, Paula's positivity was a breath of fresh air. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for any similar position.
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Nick Worth
Medical Services Director, Al jazira FC
I employed Paula whilst working at West Bromwich Albion FC. I have remained friends since. I would strongly endorse her professionalism and knowledge in her work. She is a team player who brings a positive attitude to all she does. A top Soft Tissue Therapist!
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Oliver Finlay
Consultant Physiotherapist, UK
Paula is a highly skilled & vastly experienced soft tissue therapist who is well respected by her peers & the athletes with whom she works. Paula strives to push her boundaries, illustrated by the fact she is currently undertaking an MSc to further her knowledge-base & skill set within the field of soft tissue therapy. Paula is a valued member of the team...
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Paul Godfrey
Senior Physiotherapist, UK Athletics (UKA)
I have had the privilege of working with some very good Sports Massage Therapists during my career, but without hesitation Paula Clayton is in a league of her own and is the best I have ever worked with. I have found her knowledge and application in her field only equalled by her passion for what she does. She is loved by the elite athletes she works with, as they too appreciate the standards she sets herself and the quality of the work she delivers (and Track and Field athletes are NOT easily pleased!). It goes without saying that I would highly recommend Paula without a moments thought and I sincerely hope we work together again at some stage in the future - she is simply the best.

Coach testimonials

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Neil Black
Paula is an excellent soft tissue therapist with a rare and unique skill set. She is highly respected by colleagues, coaches and athletes.
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Andy Banks
International Diving Coach Coach to Tom Daley
The 2006 England Commonwealth Games Diving Team had Paula Clayton as a soft tissue therapist on the support staff. She worked tirelessly to ensure that each of the divers was able to maximise their pre event training time and enter the competition phase in the best possible shape for optimal performance. Her professionalism and lively personality made her an integral part of the team and very popular with divers and coaches alike. Great Job!!
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Fuzz Ahmed
GB Athletics Senior Coach.
I have know Paula for ten years and she has been one of the most outstanding therapists that I have come across in my twenty seven years of being involved in international, and for the last nineteen years as an international coach. She is a solution finder and a student of all sport. Her careful observations of my high jump sessions have allowed her to gain an intricate understanding of the demands placed on the athletes. This has resulted in an outstanding record of avoidance of serious injury, and an ensuring that potential injuries remain just that.

She is a credit to her profession, a leader in her field, and a great fun team member.


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James Ogle
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Paula is great as a tutor and is always working to become even better. She has a great depth of knowledge and does exceedingly well to pass this on during the course and get everyone improving their practice. Her teaching methods are tried and tested, though a little more colourful at times which suits her general personality down to the ground.
Nick Mooney
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Paula, is one of the worlds natural teachers. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and a true expert in her field. Her training courses in soft tissue therapy are to be highly recommended to any soft tissue therapist who want to take their skills to the next level. Can't wait for the next course.
Claire Smith
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Paula is knowledgeable, concise, patient and inspiring. Learning with her is a real pleasure. She is a natural teacher and her knowledge is backed up by experience in the field. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paula's courses to others wishing to expand their skills/knowledge. Personally I can't wait for the next course!
Linda Samuel
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
What a star, in every way. She has exemplary depth of knowledge which she delivers with abounding enthusiasm which is very infectious. A rare attribute is that she listens as well as teaches. Hence when she gets feedback from her students she analyzes, prioritises and CHANGES to improve her service. As well as a being truly approachable but professional, she is a very astute business woman which i have great admiration for. Wholeheartedly recommend Paula's courses, be prepared to work but learn soooo much. Thanks Paula

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Condition types
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